An Irresistible List of Beauty and Wellness Influencers to Follow in 2020 [25+ Names]

If you’re a service provider in the beauty or wellness space, it’s a MUST to keep yourself updated with what’s hot in your industry.

Part of doing that means following the top personalities and influencers in your niche. These individuals can serve as excellent sources of inspiration and they can keep you abreast of the latest trends in your field.

The question is, who should you follow?

Team Genbook decided to make your job of finding influencers much easier. We scoured the social media realm and identified the must-follow beauty and wellness influencers to inspire or collaborate with, in 2020.

Check them out!

Beauty Influencers to Follow in 2020

Let’s start with beauty influencers. From makeup artists to hairdressers, these are the top beauty pros to cyberstalk on social media.

1. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan
Huda Kattan is a makeup artist and blogger, turned businesswoman with her own cosmetics line, and a fierce following of loyal fans. She is extremely active on Instagram and YouTube and launched a reality TV show on Facebook Watch in 2018.

Follow Huda Kattan for makeup tips, transformation, and tutorials.

Instagram: (40.1m followers)
YouTube: (3.67m subscribers)
Facebook: (7.93m followers)
Twitter: (192k followers)

2. Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson is a long-time YouTuber turned mega influencer. Her pages are full of beauty-related content, with a particular focus on makeup, from transformations to tutorials, makeovers, and tips.

Follow Kandee Johnson for all things makeup and get a load of her upbeat personality that has made her a YouTube success.

Instagram: (1.8m followers)
YouTube: (3.88m subscribers)
Twitter: (778k followers)
Facebook: (965k followers)

3. Rocio Cervantes

Rocio Cervantes

Rocio Cervantes is a makeup and skincare influencer with much-loved channels on both YouTube and Instagram. Rocio is a self-proclaimed makeup fanatic sharing her passion via tutorials about anything beauty related.

Follow Rocio Cervantes for down to earth makeup tutorials and transformations.

Instagram: (232k followers)
YouTube: (65k subscribers)

4. Strashme


Strashme, or Ashley, is a makeup influencer from Alaska sharing how-to videos, reviews, and wildly colorful transformations on her Instagram and YouTube channels.
Follow Strashme for popping color bold makeup makeovers.

Instagram: (128k followers)
YouTube: (22.2k subscribers)

5. Genelle


Genelle is a beauty and wellness influencer focusing on natural beauty, from the inside out. Her social channels are full of model-inspired makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, vegan recipes, vlogs, and music.

Follow Genelle for natural beauty tips that cover both external beauty and internal health.

Instagram: (434k followers)
YouTube: (279k subscribers)

6. NikkieTutorials


NikkieTutorials is a multichannel makeup influencer with a massive following and celeb collaborations with high-profile personalities, including Lady Gaga.

Follow NikkieTutorials for some of the best quality makeup tutorials on the Internet.

Instagram: 12.7m followers)
YouTube: (12.3m subscribers)
Twitter: (1.79m followers)

7. Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star is a self-made businessman, starting as a YouTube sensation with makeup tutorials and reviews, to now owning his own cosmetics line. His channels also include fashion and music.

Follow Jeffree Star for loads of personality and years of makeup and vlogging expertise.

Instagram: (15.3m followers)
YouTube: (16.7m subscribers)

8. James Charles

James Charles

James Charles is a YouTube personality and makeup artist working with high profile celebrities, including a recent collaboration with Kesha. James’ channels cover makeup, entertainment, music, and more.

Follow James Charles for makeovers, makeup tips, tutorials, celebrity collaborations, and reviews.

Instagram: (15.9m followers)
YouTube: (16.3m subscribers)
Facebook: (448k followers)
Twitter: (4.35m followers)

9. Nia The Light

Nia The Light

Nia the Light is a London based beauty influencer for curly hair fans. CEO of her own salon, The Curl Bar London, Nia shares tips on curly hair care. She is also an author with her new book, The Book of Light, due out in 2020.

Follow Nia The Light for modelesque pictures and great tips to manage curly locks.

Instagram: (413k followers)

10. Frédérique Harrel

Frédérique Harrel

Frédérique Harrel is an upbeat beauty personality with a specialized focus on hair. She is an advocate for change in the beauty industry and works with conscious brands.

Follow Frédérique Harrel for good vibes and fashion, hair, and beauty inspiration.

Instagram: (182k followers)

11. Guy Tang

Guy Tang

Guy Tang is a hairstylist and colorist sharing hair care and styling tips, transformations, and makeovers. He is also a successful businessman with his own hairstyling product line, MyIdentidy.

Follow Guy Tang to learn what’s hot in hair and how to do yours like a pro.

Instagram: (2.2m followers)
YouTube: (2.2m subscribers)

12. Nicck Townsend

Nicck Townsend

Known as the “East Coast Brow King“, Nicck Townsend is one of the most sought-after brow artists and experts in Philly and beyond. Clients from all over the world — from Atlanta to Israel — travel to his salon in Philadelphia just to get their brows done. Not only that, but Nicck is often invited to conduct keynote speeches at top industry events, including ISSE, the biggest weekend in professional beauty.

Follow Nicck Townsend for eyebrow education and inspiration!

Instagram: (127k followers)
Facebook: (3.3k followers)

13. Alexa


Alexa is a social media influencer who focuses on skincare. Her feed is chock-full of product reviews and promo codes and is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the hottest skincare and beauty merch in the market!

Follow Alexa to learn more about products and best practices for taking care of your (or your clients’) skin.

Instagram: (19.3k followers)

14. Karol Rodriguez

Karol Rodriguez

Karol is a New York-based makeup artist who constantly shares their gorgeous creations on Instagram. Karol’s eye makeup transformations, in particular, are super impressive!

Follow Karol for tips and inspiration that you can apply in your own makeup adventures.

Instagram: (10.4k followers)
Twitter: (14k followers)
YouTube: (11.7k followers)

15. Lexi Lomax

Lexi Lomax

Lexi is a salon business coach and strategist who focuses on helping salon owners scale their businesses and reach their goals. She shares thoughtful and informative content on running a beauty business and is a must-follow if you own or manage a salon.

Follow Lexi if you want to grow your salon business in 2020 and beyond!

Instagram: (9k followers)

16. Meg O.

Meg O.

Meg O. is a beauty and lifestyle influencer whose feed contains a healthy mix of beauty tips, product reviews, and mom hacks! She’s a great person to follow if you love all things beauty while juggling motherhood at the same time.

Follow Meg for pointers on how to look and feel good while running a household at the same time!

Instagram: (56.5k followers)
Facebook: (5.4k followers)
YouTube: (5.5k subscribers)

17. Mayra Artze Mata

Mayra Artze Mata

Mayra is a beauty bar owner who’s also known as the #MiamiBrowGuru. She’s a licensed esthetician, makeup artist, brow specialist. On top of that, she is a microblading expert and wellness coach who shares tons of great beauty and life-motivating content on Instagram.

Follow Mayra if you’d like to learn more about brows, microblading, lashes, makeup, and even life coaching!

Instagram: (12.6k followers)

Wellness Influencers to Follow in 2020

If your business promotes wellness and holistic health, the following influencers are constantly sharing valuable content to help people live healthier lives.

18. Crosby Tailor

Crosby Tailor

Crosby Tailor took the Internet by storm with his health and wellness tips, recipes, and drool-worthy collection of food pics. Crosby promotes fitness, recovery, and gut health — while sharing his sugar-free dessert recipes with his Instagram followers.

Follow Crosby Tailor for delicious healthy dessert recipes, #foodporn, and wellness tips.

Instagram: (85.2k followers)

19. Abby Harris

Abby Harris

Abby Harris is a 22 yr old blogger and Instagram influencer, sharing paleo and low FODMAP recipes and information and experiences on her own health journey, regularly posting on both her website and Instagram account.

Follow Abby Harris for deliciously healthy recipes, health inspiration, and tips.

Instagram: (33.2k followers)

20. Nati Valderrama

Nati Valderrama

Nati Valderrama is a wellness coach and influencer who focuses on vulnerability and authenticity. One of the things that makes Nati stand out is that she doesn’t sugarcoat things. Read through her captions, and you’ll see that often shares “real talk” and is open about the struggles that she’s going through.

Follow Nati if you’re a fan of authenticity, particularly in the field of wellness and personal development!

Instagram: (56.8k followers)

21. Seth Fisher

Seth Fisher

Seth Fisher is a young, NYC-based social media influencer and health and fitness advocate sharing healthy recipes made with real ingredients. His Instagram page is full of top quality food pics, along with easy to follow recipes.

Follow Seth Fisher for healthy food inspiration.

Instagram: (22.6k followers)

22. Rachel Brathen – a.k.a. Yoga Girl

Rachel Brathen - a.k.a. Yoga Girl

Rachel Brathen has one of the biggest and best yoga social profiles, sharing inspiring yoga pics, tips, tutorials, and feel-good content. Her busy brand even includes yoga practice videos and podcasts.

Follow Rachel Brathen for healthy living inspiration, with all the info on how to do it yourself.

Instagram: (2.1m followers)
YouTube: (73.5k subscribers)
Twitter: (38.8k followers)
Facebook: (534k followers)

23. Laura Sykora

Laura Sykora

Laura Sykora is a multi-method fitness and health influencer who practices dance, CrossFit, and yoga, sharing first-class images in contorted poses, making for an aesthetically captivating feed.

Follow Laura Sykora for both the uber-cool visual of her page and the health and fitness tips.

Instagram: (1.2m followers)

24. Jo Encarnacion

Jo Encarnacion

Jo Encarnacion is a San Francisco Based health and wellness lifestyle blogger sharing healthy recipes, beauty, lifestyle, and wellness tips with a dose of self-love.

Follow Jo Encarnacion for inspiration on how to redefine wellness of the heart, body, and mind.

Instagram: (81.7k followers)
Facebook: (2.1k followers)

25. Rich Roll

Rich Roll
Rich Roll is a vegan endurance runner and author who is passionate about the vegan lifestyle and talking to others to share interesting ideas on how to live better and improve their health and life through spirituality and mindfulness.

Follow Rich Roll for recipes, tips, and feelings from himself and others about veganism, life, and health.

Instagram: (273k followers)
YouTube: (163k subscribers)

26. Dr. Christopher Motley

Dr. Christopher Motley
Dr. Christopher Motley is a functional wellness doctor who focuses on the areas of frequency medicine, clinical kinesiology, chiropractic, and traditional Chinese medicine. His Instagram feed is chock-full of information on pain relief, nutrition, and overall wellness.

Follow him for doctor-approved insights on how to improve your health!

Instagram: (18.1k followers)
Facebook: (2k followers)

27. Edan Harari

Edan Harari
Edan Harari is the owner of Kinetic Body Therapy, a New York-based practice that offers kinetic release therapy, ortho-bionomy, barnes myofascial release, and more. In addition to offering health and wellness insights, Edan constantly shares empowering posts and videos that are sure to make you feel better.

Follow him for content and inspo on positive energy and healing.

Instagram: (9.6k followers)
Facebook: (4.3k followers)
YouTube: (337 subscribers)

28. Maya Kramer

Maya Kramer
Maya is a wellness guide, yoga instructor, mother, and healer (among other things). She specializes in all things wellness and runs Mayaste, a series of events designed to incorporate wellness in people’s day to day lives.

Follow her to gain insights on how to live a more beautiful life… and to see her amazing photos from all over the world!

Instagram: (10.2k followers)

29 – 30. Gina Gomez and Kristy Fountain

Gina Gomez and Kristy Fountain
Gina & Kristy run @modern.enneagram, an Instagram account dedicated to supporting people in becoming more self-aware, mindful, and compassionate. Their account makes understanding the Enneagram (a model of the human psyche) much easier, and they’re constantly sharing enlightening and empowering content.

Follow them to gain insights on self-discovery, mindfulness, and awareness.

Instagram: (39.5k followers)

Final words

Starting 2020 with beauty and health inspiration from these 30 influencers is sure to set you up for a healthy, happy, and glamorous year ahead.

Happy cyberstalking!

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