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Dive through a list of articles that teach you how to build a better business experience for you and your clients.

How to Handle Unhappy Clients, Offline and Online: A Step-by-Step Guide For Personal Grooming & Wellness Businesses

Win hearts and heal angry clients with this step-by-step guide.

Latest Articles

How To Fire a Client Without the Added Stress [A Guide for Spa, Salons, Barbershops & Wellness Entrepreneurs]

Firing a client may be the best solution at times. Learn how to do it without stressing.

Ever wondered what’s the most important thing that pushes a client to walk into your spa, salon,…

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Genbook Rebrand

Welcome to the new Genbook! As of January, Genbook has a new logo, a new color scheme,…

Small Business Entrepreneurs: How To Create A Business Experience That Shines & Why It Matters

Small businesses that thrive, have one thing in common— they invest in creating an experience that’s memorable…

As a salon owner you may be looking for creative, new ways to grow your already-thriving small…

Wellness Experience

You’ve built a successful spa that ticks all the right boxes. A calm and serene setting? Check. …

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