Introducing the Community – Powered by Genbook


The Community powered by Genbook has just launched and we’re kicking it off with a special hour of marketing advice. Join us in our new Facebook group on Monday, September 25th at 2pm ET/11am PT and bring your marketing questions! The Community is the first step in a new series of initiatives by Genbook to provide more benefit to you, our customers. The Community’s home is a Facebook group that you can join. It’s 100% free and it’s a place to bring our customers closer together. That means closer to us and closer to each other. We have learned so much about your businesses over the years and it’s time to pay it forward, for all of us. In addition to the Q&A sessions that we’ll regularly run, these are just a few of the other benefits from joining The Community:

• Peer questions and answers

It’s a Facebook group, so go ahead and post a question. It could be purely business related, or it could be about your technical skill. If other members can’t answer, we’ll try and help.

• Genbook support

Post your questions and we’ll try and answer them and involve other members in how they use Genbook. If you need immediate help, please continue to use the usual support lines. This is not a replacement for support, only a supplement. From time to time we’ll ask a qualified Genbook support genius to join us for a Q&A.

• Feel the love

Don’t just ask questions, tell us about yourselves and your successes and challenges. Inspire others and you might find the inspiration you need yourself.

Above all, this is a community that will evolve and you will shape that growth, just as you do your own business. Come and join us and be among the first Genbookers to benefit!

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