It all started with blue hair

Brit Carmichael is many things. A hairstylist, a confidant, and a soul + business coach. With her luxury vegan hair salon in Frisco, Texas, and her online coaching business on the side, Brit is a force to be reckoned with.

Inspiring women to be their best selves, both in life and business, Brit has created a program to help those struggling to get their business of the ground, and provides meditation techniques for those struggling to deal with stress. But enough fangirl-ing, let’s learn a bit more about Brit’s hair salon, OMGhairstyles.


“I’ve been a trailblazer my whole life, so it didn’t surprise me when I was turned down at my first “corporate salon” interview for having blue hair.”

Having grown up with a hairstylist as a mom, Brit was no stranger to the concept of working from home. “I created the concept of OMGhairstyles while still attending beauty school. Funnily enough, my mom was upset by the idea of me wasting my ‘smarts’ and not going to college”.

After being turned away at a salon for having blue hair, Brit started working on her own salon. “With only 6 months of street cred and an entrepreneur spirit, I decided to dive straight into renting my own salon suite at the age of 20,” said Brit. She wanted to create a space where women could feel beautiful, on the inside and out. After the experience of being turned down for a job based on her looks, Brit made it her mission to make sure that the women who came to OMGhairstyles could be themselves, without the worry that people might judge them based on what they looked like on the outside.


“Hairdressing isn’t just about the hair, it’s about your ability to listen, create connection, and inspire each other’s growth.”

Before using Genbook, Brit found herself spending all of her free time on her phone trying to schedule customers, update appointments, and reminding customers of their appointment. On top of that, she had no reviews, and didn’t realize the impact reviews would have on her business. With Genbook, Brit’s business is now booked out at least 3 months in advance. With over 200 5-star reviews, OMGhairstyles’ clients know that they can schedule their appointment with one of Frisco’s best hairstylists.


“I’m completely free of phone calls, thanks to the automated reminder text and convenient booking app from Genbook.”

A self-professed ‘creative’, Brit explained how she, like many other creatives, didn’t have time to be tied up on the phone or with ‘tech stuff’. She found that she was able to free up more time when she started with Genbook, and the automation and ease of online scheduling helped her business grow.

Brit loves how she’s able to spend less time on her phone, and more time doing what she loves: making women feel beautiful on the inside and out.


“My favorite feature of Genbook is the reviews collected from clients. The clients receive an automatic review request after their appointment!”

When asked what the biggest benefit of Genbook was, Brit said, “The biggest benefit of using Genbook since I started with them over 6 years ago is watching them grow, evolve, and update their offerings.” And she didn’t stop there! “With the new app available for clients to book from their phone at any time, the payment processing, and automated reminders, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Having trouble getting time for yourself while still managing your business? Check out our 30-day free trial, and try all our features for free!

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