Exciting news! Genbook has been updated to include four great new features.

Customer Merge

We know that sometimes the same customer will appear multiple times in the Customers tab, either because they used a slightly different name, or different contact information when creating some of their appointments.

Genbook’s Customer Merge feature lets you quickly and easily combine multiple entries for the same customer. By merging, you’ll have a single entry containing that customer’s full appointment history and contact info.

Learn more about Customer Merge.

5- and 10-Minute Bookings

You can now make 5- or 10-Minute Bookings, giving you more flexibility for the types and lengths of services available . This also means you can block 5 or 10 minutes to go for a walk or eat that sneaky chocolate you’ve been waiting to have, all in between appointments.

Learn more about 5- and 10-Minute Bookings.

Favorite Rating

The favorite rating, now added to your scheduling page on web and mobile, shows customers how loved your business is and helps build your reputation in your local community. Once your business is in a customer’s favorites list, they’ll be able to easily find and book their next appointment with just a few taps using the Genbook App for iPhone and Android.

Learn more about the Favorite Rating.

Business Search Categories

Your business’s Search Categories affect how and when your business is displayed to customers searching the Web and the Genbook App for iPhone and Android. You can choose one Primary search category (which should be the category that best, most wholly represents what your business does), and up to two additional categories that clarify, expand on, or add to that Primary category.

Learn more about Business Search Categories.

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