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Exclusive content that’s designed to help barbers scale their business. 


Exclusive content that’s designed to help barbers scale their business. 

3 Key Trends to Watch Post Pandemic: What Clients of Hair, Beauty & Wellness Businesses Actually Want from Service Providers
7 min read

This is a challenging time—there’s no debating that the COVID-19 crisis is affecting all of us in some way or…

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How This Entrepreneur Overcame Recession & Other Small Business Challenges: A Q&A With Robin Spencer
8 min read

Small business challenges are unique, and when you’re donning multiple hats, it’s obvious you’ll run into them…

Business Branding: 5 Powerful Strategies to Keep Your Brand Strong During Uncertain Times
12 min read

Who’d imagine? Everything is under lockdown and your business has to stay alone for an uncertain period…

3 Easy Steps: How Service-Based Small Business Entrepreneurs Can Avoid Burnout in the New Normal

Does going out to your favorite coffee shop— on your way to work seem like a distant…

What is Local SEO and How Barbers, Spa, Salon & Wellness Businesses Can Use it to Boost Visibility During COVID-19?
13 min read

Small, local businesses like you are the ones taking the most severe hit during COVID-19—there’s no debating…

COVID-19 revenue safety and business health check

How To Set Up a Shopify Store and Retail With Ease: A No-Stress Guide for Barbers, Beauty, Hair & Wellness Entrepreneurs

The impact of COVID-19 is widespread. Irrespective of whether you operate a barbershop, spa, salon or wellness…

Crisis Communication Strategy: How Small Service-Based Businesses Can Communicate Better With Their Clients (& Do it Right) During COVID-19
10 min read

With COVID-19 raging across the world, it’s more important than ever to retain your client base and…

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