Once you’ve created one or more offers under the Offers tab, you’ll be able to manage them from that same tab.


The landing page of the Offers tab will show you all of the recent offers you’ve created (Active, Cancelled and Drafts). You’ll see a quick overview of offer stats and settings (offer names, prices, expiration dates, booking windows and current revenue). Sort the list by any of those criteria by clicking on the relevant column heading.

You can also delete or duplicate an offer right from this page. Click the paper icon at the end of the row to duplicate the offer. Click the trash can icon to delete the offer.


You can manage a specific offer by clicking on it to access its Dashboard. On the Dashboard you’ll see the full details of the offer itself, the offer link and social media buttons for sharing the offer, along with the Offer IDs of already purchased offers.


What you can do from an Offers Dashboard

See what your clients see: At the top right of the Dashboard, you have links to both your offer page and a preview mode of the scheduling page clients would see when making an appointment to redeem the offer.


Tip: You’ll notice that you can’t actually schedule an appointment for the offer from the preview mode of the scheduling page.
Share your offer: You can share your offer via social media, like Facebook and Twitter, or email it directly to clients. Your Offer Page URL is always found in the Offer Summary.

Tip: You can always copy the Offer URL directly from the share screen you see when clicking “Share this Offer”. One click is all it takes!
We especially recommend sharing Offers via Facebook and Twitter, as that’s where you may able to reach customers you might otherwise miss, plus you’re casting a wider net.

Edit your Offer: If you need to make changes to your offer, you can do so by clicking the “Edit Offer” button on the right side of the page. You can change the staff who are assigned to the offer, the purchase limit and purchase deadline, as well as the booking window and daily availability.


Note: The offer service and cost, Offer Highlights and Fine Print can’t be edited on Active offers.

View offer stats: You can have a quick look at how many times your offer page has been viewed, how many offers have been purchased and how many appointments have been booked for those purchased offers. You’ll also see how much revenue the offer has brought in, with Genbook’s commission (5%) calculated to give you the net revenue payable to you.


Track offer purchases and appointments: At the bottom of the offer Dashboard page, you’ll see a list of the already purchased offers.


This section contains information on who has purchased the Offer, on what date, and (if they’ve already made an appointment) the date of the appointment. If the offer was purchased by one person as a gift for someone else, you’ll see the name of both the purchaser and the gift recipient (ie, the person who’ll be booking the appointment).

The most important information found here, however, is the Offer ID. Each purchased offer has a unique Offer ID (just like each appointment has a unique confirmation number). Clicking on the Offer ID allows you to view more details of that purchased offer, such as the client’s email address. From this page, you can also resend the client the offer purchase receipt email or edit their email address, if they’ve typed it incorrectly. If needed, you can refund the customer, as well. You can also schedule the appointment for this offer.

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