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[Case Study] Picture Perfect with Robin Spencer (Part 2)

Like many people, Robin was old school. The thought of not having a hand-written hard-copy calendar terrified him. “The nature of the photography business is that I’m often on a location shoot and I’m not here to answer the phone or in front of the computer to make an appointment. I try and keep regular business hours so I am not here to answer the phone after hours or on Sundays. But with Genbook our voicemail directs them to our website to use our online booking service. The thing I find so comforting with Genbook is the knowledge that all the information collected is correct. The email address is correct, the phone number, the spelling of the name, the date and time of the appointment is correct. I no longer have to ask them to spell their name again, or repeat a phone number.The drag and drop feature and waking up to see some online bookings sold me on Genbook.”


“I am always amazed at how Genbook is always coming up with ideas to improve my life or the life of my client.”


Professional headshot courtesy of Spencer Studio

We love to hear how Genbook has saved people money. Robin retorts, “I think a better question would be how has it made me money? I’ve noticed because Genbook is available 24/7. People book appointments at really weird times. I saw one was booked at about 5:00AM the other day. Genbook is available to night owls, early birds, and shift workers and people who find it convenient to book their appointments during holidays or when we are closed. Also the ‘Verified Reviews’ option has given us a lot of credibility over our competition.” Robin has over 125 Five-star reviews and that has been key in helping him book new clients.  Genbook saves Robin time by confirming appointments and doing follow ups. “Plus we use the attachment feature to make sure the client automatically receives directions and our ‘What to Wear’ tip sheet.”

Professional headshot courtesy of Spencer Studio

Would Robin recommend Genbook to others? “I always recommend Genbook. For me it’s like a reliable employee that works for $1 a day. It seems like a no brainer for most types of business, especially for professionals or home based. I am always amazed at how Genbook is always coming up with ideas to improve my life or the life of my client. Inventing new little options, tools and add-ons. Most companies I deal with offer their services on a take it or leave it basis. But Genbook seems to have a handle on what will be best for me.”

Robin Spencer

Robin Spencer

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