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[Case Study] The Spiral Path

Having worked as a pastor for several years, Johanna Hattendorf knows a thing or two about people. She’s served churches in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, led workshops and seminars, and was a guest lecturer at Harvard University for three years. In 1992, Johanna took the plunge and became a nationally certified massage therapist, working with trauma survivors, the elderly, and people with chronic conditions.

She’s also a nationally certified self-defense instructor and thai chi instructor, with a second degree black belt.

In 2010, she created her business, The Spiral Path, in Danvers, MA, where she combines her skills to help others. And, a few years later, her business and Genbook collided.

Johanna was quite reluctant at first about getting online scheduling. “I wanted to talk to people before they booked. I also wanted to have control over how many people, when and for how long they booked, have control over the breaks in between clients.” But when she started asking her clients for their opinion, she was not prepared for the response she received. One of her oldest massage clients said “I will do whatever works for you. However, if you had online scheduling when I first got your name, I would have booked a year earlier”.

Johanna signed up to Genbook that day.

“One of the best things I ever did was to get online scheduling”

Once she had signed up to Genbook, things started going smoothly. Genbook improved Johanna’s workflow, her client interactions, and eased the amount of time she spent going back and forth with clients over text or email. No more phone or email tag, just a simple booking solution for her clients. And now, her clients show up on time, or cancel on time, and Johanna no longer has to worry about it, because it’s all taken care of.

“I don’t have to worry about anything, Genbook does all the hard work!”

So what does Johanna like most about Genbook? “There’s too many things! I like that Genbook allows me to block off times that I don’t want to see clients, I can add a buffer of any length between sessions, I can accept payments online so people are paying before they arrive, and I get a notification when a client books or cancels!”

But Genbook isn’t just loved by business owners. Clients also like it! “My clients love Genbook because they can book anytime, they can cancel online, and they get an automatic reminder about their appointment!”

Want to try out Genbook’s online scheduling software for free? We’ve got a 30-day free trial on offer, so try it today!

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